Contextual Learning At Summer Camp

‘Contextual Learning At Summer Camp’ writen by Dr.Stephen Fine, outlines why a kids summer camp experience should be a priority for your childs development

What Research Tell Us About The Benefits Of Summer Camp

happy group of campers and best friends smiling

What Research Tell Us About The Benefits Of Summer Camp 2019 commemorates the 87th anniversary of the Ontario Camping Association (OCA). The OCA is the provincially recognized provider of quality camp experiences. They prescribe the operational standards for accredited camps and also provide ongoing education in the areas of camp practices, health issues, staff training […]

Too Many Choices Can Dilute Summer Camp Experience

A group of campers hang out in The Hollows Camp field waiting for their next activity

A discussion and look back on how the traditional summer camp experience has changed from an all out summer to a selection of week long offerings at multiple camps.

Youth Development at Summer Camp

Group of campers playing tug of war being encouraged by their counselor

Youth Development at Summer Camp Why Should I Send My Children To Summer Camp? Summer camps in Ontario have been providing quality programs for children and young people for over a century. But, the population and cultural diversity of Ontario has grown considerably over the last 100 years. The truth is that today many families […]

Three Dads Reflect on Their Camp Days

Three dads stand by with their instructor Mors Kochanski after a week in the bush and at The Hollows Camp

Three Dads Reflect on Their Camp Days Twenty-five years as a camp director and researcher has given me the opportunity to ask hundreds of former campers and camp counselors if they believe their camp experiences influenced their lives in any significant way. What I learned and validated through research is that camp experiences account for […]

Summer Camp is a Place for Learning

Group of campers on the stage circled together playing and learning in the apple orchard

Summer Camp is a Place for Learning Camp is a Place for Learning How do parents determine success when it comes to their kids? Terms like self-esteem, fair-play, character, thoughtfulness of others, motivation and personal best all come to mind. Some qualities can be attributed to a child’s individual nature. However much depends on nurture, […]

Healthy Choices

A group of girls eating a healthy pineapple and laughing under the outdoor lunch area at The Hollows Camp

Make the Healthy Choice for Your Kids – Summer Camp! Summer Camp – The Healthy Choice A great deal of media attention these days is focused on children’s health and their level of fitness. The official prognosis by medical experts is poor and the gravity of the situation has prompted legislative action on the part […]

Cell Phones at Camp

On The Hollows Camp lake, three canoes on the beach and three canoes on the lake returning. Not a single cell phone to be seen on this clear sunny day!

Cell Phones at Camp Camp might be the place to hang up the phone When packing the kids off to summer camp an increasingly common issue has become whether or not to include a cell phone along with the sunscreen, lifejacket and insect repellent. Cell phone use among children and adolescents is becoming widespread and […]

Richard Louv’s Last Child in the Woods

single child amongst the meadowed trail at The Hollows Camp

Richard Louv’s Last Child in the Woods The value of nature-based settings like those found in many kids summer camps is well documented.Benefits include the development of a sense of wonder (Louv, 2005), cognitive development (Pyle,2002), better concentration (Wells, 2000), and creative outdoor play that fosters language andcollaborative skills as well as critical thinking and […]

What are kids doing with their summer “out of school time”?

pair of best friends smiling outfront of a cabin. Out of school summer camp time!

The value of informal learning environments in “out-of-school-time” settings has taken on new importance. Out-of-school-time opportunities such as those offered at The Hollows Ontario Summer Camp.