The Hollows Camp is an 87 acre property located in Bradford, Ontario, owned and operated by the Fine family since it’s inception in 1981. This establishment has it all and more. Located in the highlands just north of the Holland Marsh, it’s lush rolling meadows, forests and a private spring-fed lake, offer days of exploration. Just one hour north of Toronto, this magical setting gets you out of the city and into nature, where you can reconnect with yourself and others.

As an accredited member of the Ontario Camps Association, The Hollows Camp has spent decades perfecting their program for children and now extend this expertise to adult learning and recreation. With a seemingly endless offering of camp activities, team building games and social events, your boss will be hard-pressed to find a reason not to sign-off on this one. Our pre-built packages highlight the range of experience you will have with us, at the hands of our capable and dedicated staff. With customizable options available, there’s something for everyone.

For those who attended camp as kids, there is nothing that will beat that nostalgic feeling of coming back, even if just for the day. And if you weren’t a camper growing up, this is your chance to see what all the fuss is about. The Hollows Camp offers everything from canoeing and archery to paintball and axe-throwing. Combined with gourmet meals it’s sure to have your team begging you to rebook before the day is over.


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Series of challenges across camp.  Teams collect clues at the end of each task to bring them to the next challenge.  1.5 – 2 hours


Participants are assigned a character to play as part of a large scale “murder” that has taken place at camp. Teams must work to together through riddles to find the culprit. 1 to 2 hours


Each participant is given an animal and must follow their structure within the food chain gaining shelter, food and water. Broken intosmall teams with a focus on communication and strategy. 1 to 2 hour


Teams organized under different countries to compete in sports and games. Heavily based on teamwork and spirit. 1 to 2 hours


When Your Head Hits The Pillow

This is for the team that can’t sit still. We will fill your day from start to finish with lively communal meals, throwback camp activities and team building games that will inspire even the brand new intern to jump right in. Remember as a kid, those non-stop days that ended with lights out the minute your head hit the pillow? Trust us, you won’t be able to keep your eyes open once we’ve filled your day with tennis, archery, paint balling and a little murder mystery. Let The Hollows Camp transport you back to when choosing whether to canoe or kayak was the most important decision of the day.

Charge Your Mind (Not Your Phone)

Set that out of office, turn off your phone, reconnect with your team and find your center again. Remembering to bring mindfulness into our daily routines can help us become better colleagues, leaders and friends. Many successful people will tell you meditation changed their lives and their ability to concentrate during their non-stop days. Allow The Hollows Camp to remind your team the importance of self-care in their journey toward success, with a day of forest walks, goal-setting meditation and yoga with our in-house, certified teacher.

City detox & cleanse

Are you looking to treat your team to a relaxing day without a lesson plan? Bring them to The Hollows Camp for a total reset. You can swim in the lake, play lawn games or partake in a yoga class, and how about we bring the wine tasting to you? This less structured day allows your employees to organically interact, while unwinding and reconnecting with each other in the soul reviving setting of nature. Don’t worry, for those who prefer a slightly more energetic day, pick-up sports and canoeing are available.

If you are interested in hosting team meetings, breakout sessions or a speaker, schedules can be customized upon request.


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