School Groups


The Hollows Property

  • 87 acres
  • Private Lake
  • Extensive Trail Network
  • Activity Field
  • Outdoor Octagon Stage


The Hollows Camp environmental program for schools introduces concrete activity skills which are developed in conjunction with practical skills


Program developed by
Dr. Stephen Fine Ph.D. -
Educational Camping.

"Learning how to paddle a canoe in order to research a science project makes for a fun and exciting learning package. Each activity includes a team building component that promotes, leadership, collaboration and trust between students."

  • Day or overnight programming
  • Spring and Fall sessions
  • Lakeside and woodland cabin accommodation
  • Dining hall and full service catering onsite
  • Activities: drama, tennis, arts, field sports, archery, canoe, kayak, trampoline, yoga
  • Transportation services available upon request


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