General Policies

  • Campers and staff members must show respect for all other members of the camp community.
  • Campers and staff members must exercise respect towards themselves.
  • Campers and staff members must show respect for the natural environment. Littering and damaging trees, plants or mushrooms is not acceptable.
  • Smoking or the consumption of alcohol or non-prescription drugs is prohibited at camp.
  • Care packages may only contain nut free (school safe) items or they will not be allowed into camp.
  • Emails are accepted and will be distributed along with regular mail service. We are in a rural area and packages (other than couriered) are delivered to our central post office. Please allow for an additional 24 to 48 hours for delivery.

Accessibility Policy

The Hollows Camp complies with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), 2005. Although we strive to accommodate persons with disabilities and have done so since our inception, at the present time our site facilities may not be suitable for all cases. Additionally, our staff although trained according to the AODA regulations, are for the most part senior secondary school or university aged students who are not qualified support workers or care-givers.

The Hollows Camp may require a person with a disability to be accompanied by an appropriately qualified support person when on our premises, if such a person is necessary to protect the health or safety of the person with a disability or of others on the premises. Arrangement for any such support person must be made by the client and if an amount is payable by a support person in connection with that person’s presence on our premises, advance notice will be given as to what this amount will be.

Cell Phone Policy

We live in a technologically driven world and in today’s society the cell phone has become common to everyday life. We believe that a camp experience should allow young people the opportunity to unplug in order to fully focus on camp activities and develop a sense of independence.

We do allow campers to bring cell phones to camp. However, these must be kept in the camp office and may not be taken to the cabin. Calls home can be made at an appropriate time, usually after lunch. If you do not hear from your camper do not interpret this as a problem but rather that all is well and they are having a fun time.

Our staff also bring their phones to camp in order to communicate with other members of the camp community and for the purpose of daily camp business (e.g. scheduling). Staff members will never loan a cell phone to a camper under any circumstances and if a call home is necessary the Directors will arrange for this. Please email us for a first- time camper update after 48 hours should you feel there is a need.

Abusive Behaviour

The Hollows Camp is fully committed to respecting and protecting the personal dignity and human rights of our campers and staff. Abuse in any form is against everything for which we stand as a recreational and educational institution.

Abuse in any form is not tolerated and the rights of campers and staff members are protected by law under the Human Rights Code.
Abuse is defined as the non-accidental injury, sexual exploitation, neglectful treatment, or maltreatment of a person under any circumstances which harms or puts at risk that person’s health, welfare or safety.

Harassment Policy

Harassment is defined as unwelcomed or unwanted behaviour which interferes with a camper’s enjoyment of camp. It must also be understood that in today’s society what was once regarded as “hassling” or a prank can be regarded as abusive behaviour. As such, abusive actions or allegations will be taken seriously. Some general examples of unacceptable behaviour by campers to other campers, camp staff to campers, or camp staff to each other include:
  • verbal abuse, threats or swearing
  • ongoing put-downs, insults or cruel jokes
  • sexist jokes
  • pushing, shoving, pinching
  • blocking or cornering
  • demeaning graffiti
If a camper or staff member witnesses or is told of such behaviour the alleged harasser should be asked to stop. The incident should then be reported to the Directors and an incident report will be filed. 1. All parties concerned will meet and discuss the occurrence with the Directors. 2. If the situation cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of all concerned the parents will be contacted. At the discretion of the directors, a camper or staff member may be sent home for such actions.

Privacy Policy

The Hollows Camp complies with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) as well as the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHOPA).
The Hollows Camp is committed to protecting your personal information. The purposes for which we collect personal information is as follows:

  • Establish and maintain contact with you.
  • Place campers appropriate to age and skills levels.
  • Assess special requests, needs, conditions or interests.
  • Ensure that your information is up-to-date.
  • Send you information about camp.
  • Collect fees and maintain records of payments.

When requesting information from you we ask that you indicate your consent to use your information for the above stated purposes.
All personal information will be used only by The Hollows Camp, will be keep strictly confidential, and will not be passed on to a third party.

Dietary Policy

The Hollows Camp will supply special diets for those who need them and this must be detailed on the individual camper’s Health Form. A specified number of meals will be prepared for these campers and other campers will not be allowed to take those meals.


Please be aware that although The Hollows Camp is ‘allergy aware’ we cannot guarantee to eliminate allergens entirely from our food service. Camp is a nut aware environment, please inform us of any food allergies.


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