Three healthy meals following Health Canada’s “Eating Well Guide” are provided to all overnight campers daily. The Hollows is a big space which means campers need a proper balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fruits and vegetables to keep them going throughout the day. Check out a sample of our menu here. The Hollows is a peanut free and nut aware facility. Our kitchen offers meals for all dietary requirements and requests including vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, pork free etc. Please remember to include all dietary requirements on your campers “Overnight Personal & Medical Form”. 

Day Campers do not have meals provided onsite at camp. Day campers are required to bring a bagged lunch every day to camp. Foods that contain ANY peanut products are not allowed at camp.

All water onsite, out of any building tap is Ontario Drinking Water Certified (ODWC). Water bottles are mandatory for all campers to bring to camp. Staying hydrated at camp is VERY important, please remember to label your campers water bottle. We kindly ask that parents do not send cases of plastic water bottles to camp as we strive to education campers on limiting waste.

Camp is an opportunity for youth to take a “digital detox”, laptops are not permitted and we encourage campers not to bring their cellphones. Phones that are brought to camp remain in the camp dining hall office and may be used after lunch to call home. Cell phones are prohibited through-out camp and in cabins. Hollows Staff are permitted to have cellphones to conduct camp business onsite. For more information, please visit our “Policy” page below.

Digital cameras are permitted for campers to capture their memories from camp. Parents are welcome to send emails to These will be printed and given to your camper to read by The Hollows directors. Letters are a very popular and long-time tradition at camp. There is something very special about receiving a hand written letter while at camp. Mail can be sent to “The Hollows Camp Ltd. 3155 Line 13, Bradford, Ontario, L3Z 3P7”

Day Campers

Drop Off: Monday to Friday at 9:00am

Pick Up: Monday to Friday at 4:00pm

No early drop off or late pick up available.

Please refer to our “What to Bring to Camp” document which has all details for day and overnight campers.  Links to great camping & outdoor stores are listed so you can easily find all the equipment your camper needs.
No bedding, towels or toiletries are provided at camp. Campers are required to bring these from home.

Check out our “Directions” page for full details from the north, south, east and west on how to get to camp! Still have questions? Feel free to email or call.

Our “Health & Safety” page lists all information on
camper health and safety, including hospital proximity to camp. All staff onsite at The Hollows are First
Aid Certified.

Each cabin section has its own set of portable washrooms. Located next to the camp dining hall is a shower house and rest room facilities. 

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