Every Camper is part of our

While You Are Away

Family run & family focused. Each individual camper or staff member becomes an extended member of the Hollows family.  We go above and beyond to ensure the health, safety and well being of each individual while at camp.

The Hollows is located 20-30min from 3 regional hospitals and has all emergency 911 services available within minutes.  Top Canadian Health care regardless of where you are from.  In the unlikely case of an accident or illness your primary emergency contact will be called immediately. 

Tally Ho' !

Riding a horse, running to an activity, sprinting for lunch, or getting into the cabins after a jam packed day; every camper is accounted for at all times.

Not just a number or ‘tally’, not even close! Daily team huddles and constant communication between staff members monitor engagement, homesickness, interpersonal skills and overall satisfaction level throughout The Hollows Camp experience.

Food Policy

The Hollows Camp is inclusive to all dietary requirements & restrictions. We take detailed food allergy/sensitivity notes of your camper and plan around their needs long before they arrive.

We can accommodate gluten free, nut allergies, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan, kosher & halal. 
Our kitchen staff brings you the BEST camp food you have ever had regardless restrictions! 

Firm believers of reuse and recycle we try our best to minimize food waste and environmental impact.  

Take what you want but eat what you take! Zero Food Waste

Have you tried our famous
Hollows Mac & Cheese
(non dairy, vegan, gluten free options!)

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Sun, Bugs & Scuffed Knees

Cover up and protect so you can play more! Sun burns and bad bug bites from not using protective clothing or sprays can really be a bummer at camp. Flip flops and shorts for the forest spell scuffed knee you don’t knee’d.

We encourage all campers and staff to stay covered with a minimum of SPF 15 (waterproof/weatherproof is best), sunbathing is discouraged.  Use bug spray when applicable and alert staff prior to coming of any bug sensitivities. 

Not sure if you have the right gear for camp?



The well water at the camp building and every camp tap is Ministry of Environment, Ontario drinking water certified.  Staff provide water at every activity and meal.  Water bottles are encouraged to brought around camp at all times and on days where the Hollows heat can’t be beat activities are tailored to keep campers comfortable and cool. We take hydration very serious and monitor for signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion.

Every camper swim level is assessed at the start of each session.  Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) are worn at all times during any boating activity. All swimming is supervised by certified national lifeguards (NL). 

Medications & Special Needs

After signing up, our medical information form will give you the option to list any daily medications or special needs that your camper may have.  This information is kept private and confidential, any medications sent to camp are strictly documented and stored in a lock box and distributed by a designated staff at the necessary time.


1)  Camper full name
2)  Prescribing Physician (unless OTC allergy ex: Daily benedryl)
3)  Name of the medication
4)  Dose; amount & frequency

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