pair of best friends smiling outfront of a cabin. Out of school summer camp time!

What are kids doing with their summer “out of school time”?

The value of informal learning environments in “out-of-school-time” settings has taken on new importance. Out-of-school-time opportunities such as those offered at The Hollows Ontario Summer Camp. Programs such as those at summer camp (day programs & overnight programs) have begun to be recognized as contributing to the total learning of children.

In light of recent advancements in brain research, experts recognize that learning occurs in a variety of ways within developmental staging triggered by physiological changes (Madrazo & Motz, 2005; Worden, Hinton, & Fischer, 2011). These findings provide evidence that supports what outdoor educators have claimed for decades– “kids learn best by
doing.” It may be prove that the best learning outcomes occur at a traditional Ontario summer camp, at minimum, they always have FUN!