Hafeez and Hiren are the Co-Founders of The Inspire Project. They have a comical, somewhat unconventional and very close friendship that dates back over a decade. They bonded over their love for travel, personal growth and search for a meaningful path. They have both lived and worked all over the world and decided, after each had uniquely meaningful experiences with youth development programs over the past decade, to develop The Inspire Project.

They have both been involved in serving as Counselors and Directors for these youth programs globally for the past 15 years. The Inspire Project stemmed from these experiences and their realization that a combination of location, access and exposure precluded thousands of students who could benefit from these transformative programs.

Hafeez and Hiren launched The Inspire Project in the hopes that students, regardless of cultural background, prior experiences or financial means would be able to join this one of a kind experience.

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Youth between the ages of 14 and 17 will build a shared sense of community while working on a myriad of skills that will allow them to leave with a new-found sense of self, purpose, understanding of their own capabilities and how their efforts can better the world.

Participants invited to join The Inspire Project will stem from a diverse set of socio-economic, ethnic and experiential groups. We intentionally bring together youth from families of different means, which allows us to bring participants to camp who otherwise could not afford to go, and to provide everyone with a uniquely diverse experience.

Each day of this rigorous program will include a combination of outdoor activities, sports, team building exercises, unique leadership sessions and career- and self-building workshops led by renowned educators, motivators and mentors. 


From the start, our Participants will hear from several “Content Skill Experts” who have considerable expertise in a professional area of focus (i.e. international development, academia, finance, medicine, governance, etc.). Participants will have the ability to self-select into one of these content teams and will work under the Content Skill Experts for the remainder of the program to develop a thesis project demonstrating a robust understanding of the content area.


Participants will be exposed to the skills below by “Functional Skill Experts” through workshops integrated throughout the program’s curriculum. This will help build unique competencies that will support their growth and development throughout the program.

Mentorship & Guidance

Mentorship and guidance opportunities go far beyond the camp experience. The relationship between the student and mentor will continue throughout the subsequent academic year. The mentor will establish quarterly “check-ins” to provide academic or professional guidance. Further detail on this program is provided in the “Lifelong Inspiration” section.

  • Academia
  • Creative Arts
       -Visual Arts & Drama
  • Finance
       -Venture Capital/Private Equity
  • Healthcare
       -Policy & Public Health)
  • International Development
       -Global Heath
       -Agriculture & Food Security
  • Law & Governance
       -Corporate & Public Service Law
       -Public Office
  • Technology
  • Altruism
  • Creative Thinking & Inquiry
  • Effective Communication
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Goal Setting
  • Identifying Your Strengths
  • Leading Through Empathy
  • Resilience & Positivity
  • Strategic Leadership

Participants will undergo a transformative seven-day journey that will shape their outlook, skills and global perspective through leadership exercises, rigorous professional inquiry, skill building sessions and outdoor activities (such as campfires, hiking, kayaking and more).

​We welcome participants from a variety of backgrounds (religious, ethnic, political, sexual orientation, socioeconomic etc.). We will foster an environment that is inclusive and open, allowing these leaders to fully engage and be willing to listen, share and have fun.